Day #13 – Charitable Makes and Donations


Day #13 – Charitable Makes and Donations

In the last year I have made quite a few finished objects for charity. That sounds commendable, but actually it was nice to have something to do and at the same time make a bit of room by using up so much of the wool and yarn I had gathered over the years. 

Last year with the pandemic though, I had to be careful how much I was making and where I was sending to, as well as thinking about what exactly I was going to create. I mean, only sending useful things. Since most charities were having to slow down and social distance and everything, I sent only to charities who I knew had the space to store items and the staff to sort through them.

I ended up sending 2 adult and 2 baby blankets, several adult hats and a few baby/ doll hats. I loom knitted a couple of cowls and hand crocheted a couple as well as a couple of scarves. 

And I sent a few balls of yarn and other bits like crochet hook sets etc. 

I find that making blankets with either lots of little granny squares or one big one are great ways to use up yarn scraps and ball ends that you dont know what to do with. 

In the UK there are a few charities you can send to such as Knit For Peace, Woolly Hugs etc. Maybe the UK Hand Knitting Association or the Linus Project would be good places to start as well. 

Sadly not many UK knitting or crochet charities seem to have Ravelry groups or they use the Social Media platform that I don’t (even the ones I do have an account with, the charities don’t always seem to keep up with them even in normal times). So, it can be hard to pick one you want to knit for. I’d always thought about knitting for a local maternity unit, baby blankets, cardigan sets, hats etc. but now (with the ongoing pandemic) isn’t the time for that, especially when you have to quarantine packages. 

There used to be a few places where you could send squares that you’d knitted or crocheted. To be honest, I always thought if you’re going to go to the trouble to knit 50 squares, could you not just spend an extra half hour either crocheting or sewing them together? Much easier for the recipients I’m sure! 

Now that my stash is down to next to nothing, I’m concentrating on knitting for myself. I won’t be starting anything new for anyone else, including charities anytime soon. But I will definitely do some more knitting and crochet for charities in the future. But my sweaters are my priority now 🙂


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