2022 Goals

This is a little list of all the crafty projects I have on the go or ready to start. It’s more of a personal list for me to keep track of stuff but it’s good to be nosy and see what other people are up to sometimes isn’t it?!

1. Read all of my current unread books on my bookshelf BEFORE I cave and buy myself more!

The Testaments

On Writing Well

Bird By Bird

Walden [Reading Now]

2. Finish current knitting WIP’s

Sock Yarn Shawl

Vanilla Socks

Green Top

Grey Knitted Fisherman’s Rib top

Chunky Grey Pullover

3. Start new projects

  • Fair Isle knitted top down sweater for me [STARTED]
  • Do something with denim fabric I got for Christmas (a bag? or a skirt?)
  • Make a top with striped fabric I bought Jan 2022
  • Use up grey wool fabric (maybe a draught excluder?)
  • Make a scraps crochet blanket with old wool [YES]
  • Knit a hat with soft grey wool [YES]
  • Do something with neon acrylic yarn balls (maybe a neon Fair Isle cowl?) [YES]
  • Ice Dye Kit from Lizzie [YES]
  • Finish sewing with saddle stitch a leather handbag I dyed the pieces for last year

That’s it for now! I have more wool and fabric in my stash, but I just haven’t thought about what particular projects to make with them!