I am not selling any physical or digital items directly from this site, however from time to time I may offer links to other sites which I sell items on [at time of writing this only includes my RedBubble store which can be found here: WoollyOrbit2000.redbubble.com or my Society6 store]

I have an e-mail/ newsletter sign-up which you can find here. https://woollyorbit.substack.com This is run on a platform called Substack. The only information I can see about you on there is your e-mail address and whether you open the e-mails or not!

What little information I CAN see about you on WordPress (such as gravatar profile, comments etc) I will NEVER share with a third party.

Any links I offer on this site will be ones to products/ blogs/ websites/ social media profiles which I have used/ read/ have found interesting or useful and will not be used to in any way gather your personal details.

Affiliate Links

From time to time some of my posts or pages may have affiliate links. This means if you click through those links and make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage of that sale at no extra cost to yourself (essentially I’m receiving a commission for recommending a product or service).

I try not to spam every post with them and in fact, I didn’t start this blog to make money with it. I started it to share my love of crafting and to document my makes and progress with various crafts.

One of the affiliate schemes I am signed up with is Creative Fabrica, where you can go for commercial use fonts, graphics, backgrounds and more. You can use the affiliate link below to either sign up for a monthly subscription or make a single purchase. Alternatively, you can use the banner in the homepage sidebar to sign up for an account and claim your free daily font.


Others are Etsy, Fiverr, The Knitting Network, Craftstash, Makerist (US), and Waterstones (via Awin).

If you do choose to make a purchase through any of my affiliate links (and thank you if you do!) please understand that I am not responsible for the quality of the product nor the service provided by the retailer. If you do have a problem with a retailer I recommend, I can take the link for the recommended product down, but again, I am not in any way liable for the actions of the retailer.

By using the affiliate links on this blog, you are using them at your own discretion and at your own risk.

If you are not sure about clicking anything, don’t click it! Don’t forget to use your own common sense and do your own research into products or services that someone else recommends!


Since this is a free version of the blogging platform, I’m not responsible for any of the adverts you may see anywhere on this blog. All views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

Please do not copy any of my content without my express permission, including but not limited to photos, videos and written material.

From time to time I may offer freebies, such as free downloadable printables. These are for PERSONAL use and are not to be re-sold, shared, altered, gifted or distributed in any way.

Should you decide to replicate in any way, any of the activities shown on this blog please do so with caution and ensure all possible safety precautions have been taken. Basically, use your common sense! [I am not a doctor, lawyer nor financial expert! So, if I offer any advice or give any recommendations on here, please do your own research and understand I am just offering a personal opinion/ sharing a personal experience. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them and as such not all ideas/ recommendations/ activities will be relevant or applicable to everyone]

This blog is for fun! 🙂


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Last updated: OCT 2021