The coolest handmade buttons on the internet!

For a long time I have followed an Instagram account called The Magpie’s Eye. This account has an Etsy shop called TheMagpiesEyeCo and they make the most sparkly and amazing resin buttons as well as the odd tray or spoon rest I believe.

I ordered some tiny buttons a couple of weeks ago, some neon rainbow sparkly ones and some blue sparkly ones.

I had a go myself at making some resin items last year in the summer. I had some resin I bought the year before that and wanted to make some jewellery mostly. I was pleasantly surprised that the dish I made and the few earrings I made actually worked – they set perfectly and everything!. Except for the fact that the glitter sank a bit on the dish when I made mine. (Maybe I need to do it in layers but I’m so impatient lol).

Anyway, the amount of glitter in these buttons appeals to me a lot!

Here they are…I don’t have a specific project in mind for them yet.

I can’t get the light right to get them to sparkle…but they are a LOT sparklier in real life!

Link to the shop below:

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Saturday – Short and Sweet

resin dish
resin dish – so sparkly!

I tried a few new crafts in 2020, one of which was resin.

I had a couple of bottles I had bought from an Etsy shop the previous year, thinking I would try it out, and just hadn’t got around to it yet. Wanting to get rid of stuff and stash, I used it all up.

I had a few silicon moulds anyway, like small jewellery and earring pieces and odd bits like freebies from magazines I had kept but not used. I bought a dish mould from a supplies shop online.

It was really easy – although I did try it in summer, so I could do it in the garage and leave it to cure overnight so the temperature didn’t get too low to alter the curing process.

I added in some old glitter I had lying around and remembered to use a candle lighter to burn off the bubbles that rose to the top!

The only thing I struggled with was the glitter sinking to the bottom (the top when you tip it out of the mould) and I don’t know how to combat that without doing it in layers which would take AGES!

And by the way…there is NOTHING so satisfying as releasing something from a silicone mould!!!!!!!