My First TOP DOWN SWEATER is a Go!

I’ve wanted to try a top down sweater for AGES but never found the right pattern or had the right needles etc.

But now the excuses are over!

I bought my first pattern from Ravelry (after years of only looking at the freebies!) from Jennifer Steingass. I’m doing the Dreyma Sweater in brown and cream.

And what’s more it’s my first garment in natural fibres which haven’t been dyed.

The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners in an aran weight. I chose a dark brown and a nice cream in their Jacob Aran range. It’s 100% British wool and as far as I know it hasn’t been dyed.

You can get it here from The Knitting Network if you want, I love the feel of it. As someone who usually knits with acrylic, it’s nice to try something a little different!

I had to buy a few sets of needles as my local yarn shops only do 80cm circulars…I mean, there are so many other sizes we need! Don’t people ask for the 40cm, 60cm or 100cm ones?!!!

I found some Addi circular ones from Wool Warehouse online, they’re a bit more expensive than the ones I’ve been used to, but OMG they feel so much better to knit with!

I’ve done the collar so far, did that in an afternoon and then realised that going from 40cm to 80cm was too much so ordered a 60cm circular needle and we’ll see how that goes. It just came in the post today from Wool Warehouse, so they have super fast shipping for a regular shipping fee.

I don’t knit in the round much so I’m sure it’ll be fiddly until I increase a few more stitches for the yoke when I can use bigger needles.

I’m loving it so far though!

Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

I’m onto the first round of the yoke except I’ve done it wrong and will have to unpick the white stitches.

I’m kind of stuck with the ‘No Stitch’ squares on the colour work pattern. I don’t understand how to actually go about doing a no stitch!! That sounds ridiculous but do I slip stitches or what? I’ve sen instructions online that tell you to ignore the stitches and just stitch what you get told too…but then the yarn must stretch over the stitches that haven’t been stitched?

Where is that emoji with the head exploding? My mind isn’t blown out of awe it’s being blown at how simple yet confusing this is for me. Never mind, I’ll figure it out.

I’m still loving having something in the round to work on even if there are a few awkward bits.

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Next in my Knitting Queue

I’ve talked about my orange jumper a lot that I’m currently knitting and I also have a knitted baby cardigan and a sock yarn shawl on the go and am about to cast on an entrelac heirloom baby blanket.

What else have I been saving lately?

I’ve been looking at shrugs and boleros, something light to put over a top as the weather gets a little bit warmer and I came across this bad boy on Ravelry.

173-40 Grey Whisper pattern by Drops Design.

I even looked at other people’s projects of this design and they look really pretty, especially in a deep purples and wine colours. Although the light and dark grey look good too.

The pattern says to use a lace weight yarn and a 4 ply yarn held together, which to my count makes a 6 ply yarn.

I was thinking of using a DK weight yarn, which is 8 ply and see how that goes.

If I followed the pattern I might go for a XL size, if I’m using thicker yarn then I think just a large? I’m not sure about yarn substitutions and sizing, but I love the look of this pattern so much, I’m willing to have a mess around with it.

The pattern says to use a 5mm needle and a 4.5mm for the rib so I’m sure DK would OK with that size…if not I’ll change needle size.

And since it’s only a shrug, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit too loose or doesn’t have an amazing fit!

I’m not keen that you have to follow a chart, and I think the pattern could definitely be laid out a lot better to follow it. I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where to put the chart in my head in the pattern before seeing a tiny A1 slipped into the pattern paragraph. That being said, I’ve queued this on Ravelry, which is a feature I don’t use on there very much.

I think I’ll have a go at this pattern in the winter sometime once my current WIP’s are WIP’s no more!

I have some DK yarn going spare, so I think I’m going to earmark that for this project.

Please excuse the shoddy pics, but what I have going spare is a couple of balls of the Hayfield Bonus DK or a ball each of Stylecraft Special DK. I like the Hayfield one for this project.

Incidentally, if you want to say hello, my username on Ravelry is @chronicleofellen (my old blog name which I closed down ages ago). I admit I’m not on Ravelry an awful lot, but I am trying to find autumn and winter potential makes at the moment, so I’m on it a bit more than usual!

Here’s my latest Medium article on Affiliate Links.

It’s a whopper at 2799 words!

Fun to write though…and my writing has definitely improved compared to the first article on there!

Entrelac is FINALLY happening!

Yes. I know you are, how could you not be? Excited as I am, that is!

Because after years of wanting to have a go at it and not understanding the process or having a good pattern for it…I HAVE STARTED AN ENTRELAC KNITTED SCARF PROJECT.

I know, you can barely contain your excitement about it either.

Entrelac knitting looks like it has a woven basketweave kind of effect. It looks a lot more complicated than it is.

I’m using up some of the leftover neon DK yarn from my Fair Isle Knitted Bag. And I thought I’d just do a small pattern to have a go and see if it’s something I could make into a baby blanket for a friend.

So far, it looks pretty good. And the idea of picking up stitches and creating triangles and rectangle isn’t a difficult one in the slightest once you wrap your head around the method.

I will add here that the pattern calls for aran weight yarn and I’m trying it out in Double Knitting so mine will be smaller than the pattern and maybe a little odd looking, but it’s just a test to see how easy this technique is and most of all, how long each row takes me to do!

I like the finished look of the fabric and the bumpy/ textured sort of feel to it. And it could look really effective if you used the right colour combination.

There is only one thing putting me off and it is the fact that is the speed – it’s slow going!

I have to use a crochet hook to help me pick up stitches and it takes me forever (literally just minutes but you know…FOREVER!). And this is only with a pattern that had 3 base triangles.

I imagine that doing this pattern but with more repeats could take me AGES. Although I have time until my friend’s baby gets here, but still! I’m an impatient knitter and this has caused a debate in my mind.

Do I cast on a large project and use it as my on the go project because I like the finished look?

Or do I do another pattern that I could finish quicker?

So, I’m not sure what to do! I think I might have to cast on the full length of the blanket and see how long it takes me to do the few rows of the pattern. And go from there.

I bought a book a few days ago with a baby blanket pattern in which I might alter.

The scarf pattern that I’m trying at the moment was a free one from Ravelry which you can find the pattern for here:

So far, I’m finding the instructions for this pattern really easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it if you want to have a go at entrelac knitting.

Just ignore the terrible lighting…life is too short to spend hours on taking a picture!

Who knew yarn could be so bright?


I have been a Raveler since March 3rd 2012 according to Ravelry. 9 years…wow!

You can find me under chronicleofellen on Ravelry.

It’s only in the last few months that I’ve been using it regularly. I used to just upload the odd project, maybe browse a few patterns, just click on and click off really. Certain aspects of Ravelry I never (and still don’t) see how it would be useful to me, such as recording my stash and needles and hooks etc. I pretty much know what yarn I have to work with at any one time anyway…I can always just look in my drawer!!

Recently, I’ve been uploading more projects, and you can clearly see the progression as I have improved. Also, since I have been a crocheter for far longer than a knitter (2009 vs. 2016) then the first 10 or so projects are crochet.

Many of the projects I either gave away as gifts for people, donated to charity or simply don’t have any more, so it’s been really interesting looking back over what I’ve made.

I also went through all my favourite projects recently and got rid of all the ones from 9 years ago, as my tastes have changed and I’ve either done something similar of have no need of those patterns at the moment. It looks more streamlined now.

And I’ve updated my profile page too…even adding this blog! 🙂

I’ve got to say I’m liking Ravelry more now than I did years ago. I’m still not using all the features. But I’m liking downloading the patterns and seeing other people’s takes on patterns I like or want to do in the future.

I saw this the other day and have it to my library…it’s a knitted cowl which I think would be a good way to use up the leftover neon wool. Maybe do black on the edges and yellow and pink stripes (maybe black and purple too) in the middle. It’s called Easy Lace Cowl by Donna Edgar and is available as a free download.

Another pattern I’ve recently added to my library is called Cloudburst by Arienne Grey. It’s for fingerless mitts with a lace pattern on the top – they look beautiful and I definitely want to try them at some point…but they’re made with 3mm needles which seems so tiny to me! Small needles take me ages so I might leave this for now but keep it in mind as one to come back to.

One day I’d love to design and publish my own patterns…but at the moment I just like knitting up other people’s!! 🙂