DAY #23 – Most Useful Thing I Have Ever Made


DAY #23 – Most Useful Thing I Have Ever Made

What’s the most useful thing I have ever made? Good question! Obviously it is…WILLARD THE WHALE!!

Back by popular demand – I knitted Willard a few years ago from a free pattern leaflet (possibly with Let’s Knit magazine) and was the first toy I ever knitted (that I was happy with the finished product *coughs*).

knitted whale

I mean…look at his cute lil face.

But how is he useful I hear you ask? Well, I think the answer is obvious, and if you can’t see it, I don’t think I’m going to tell you – so there!!


Day #15 – Epic Fails


Day #15 – Epic Fails

Sometimes you try your best and no matter what you do or how well you follow a pattern, the finished product just doesn’t look like what you imagined in your head.

The examples below are not the worst ever…I don’t have pics for the pj shorts I sewed up last month that wouldn’t pull up one my fat thighs or the cami top I sewed a few years ago that burst when I put it on!!! 🙂

The bunny below was a free pattern/ kit with a magazine, possibly Let’s Knit I can’t remember the exact one.

I think an image here will speak louder than a hundred words. 

Pic below what it SHOULD look like. The one beneath that what it ACTUALLY turned out like…lol!

why do my creations NEVER look like they are supposed to?!!

I think it’s the dog nose that makes it weird…yeah it’s the dog nose! Or maybe the eyes…

I went on an intro to mosaic course last year before lockdown started and I managed to complete a large tile (maybe for a trivet) and 2 smaller coasters. The coasters are fine, although they all need finishing somehow on the edges as the glass shards can be quite sharp. 

It’s the big, yellow trivet that is the problem. It looks like a pirate skull, no matter which way you look at it, it looks like a face. 

It’s supposed to be a monstera deliciosa (cheese plant) leaf!!

mosaic tile
is it a monstera leaf or a pirate skull?

I’ve done worse than these two things in the past – thank goodness I dont have any pics of an Alice in Wonderland free knitted doll I tried – she looked like a zombie 🙂

I love the process a lot of the time, rather than the finished product.