Let’s Play A Little Game…

Let’s Play A Little Game…

…but not in a creepy serial killer kind of way!!


Lately I’ve been using Canva LOADS to make patterns, pages, covers and repeat patterns. I am blown away by how easy it is to make a repeat pattern on Canva. But, that’s a tale for another day. Today is something completely different.

Since I’ve been spending so much time on there lately, I figured out how to remove the background from photos and decided to use some free graphics to make a little game.

So, here goes…

On my walk today I got a little lost. I looked at the signpost and somehow, instead of ending up back at my house…somehow I ended up by the sea!

How many free graphics/ clipart pictures can you find in the picture below? You get 10 points if you can find all 12 of them. You also get an extra 10 point bonus if you find the knitting needles in a ball of wool.

With signposts like these, you can see why I got lost!

How did I end up by the sea? I don’t know, I must have just kept on walking. In fact, I walked so much that it was dark by the time I got there.

How many graphics can you spot in this one? 10 points if you find them all. And the knitting needles in a ball of wool get you an extra 10 points too!

Hint: for the white stars in the background there are 2 types of graphic…I realise that might look a bit confusing!

It seems there was a part going on when I arrived. Good timing!

Somehow, what with the party happening right next to the sea front, I must have fallen in the sea. But it wasn’t a wasted trip…I ended up in Paris (this is beginning to sound like a dream I had last night…).

10 points if you find all the graphics…and an extra 10 if you find the knitting needles.

I don’t know whether to make a pun about Under Da Sea or Bobbing Along on the Bottom of the Beautiful Briny Sea!

I had a great time with Attina (yes, that IS Ariel’s sister!) and was so thankful that she called me an SUBer to get home (see what I did there?!). I think from now on I’m going to be very careful on the next walk I do…I don’t know where I could end up!

How did you do?

Photo 1: 12 graphics – knitting needles in the hedge!

Caravan, background with trees, sun and clouds is all technically ONE graphic (haha! sneaky!), 2 x yellow flower bunches, bunting, signposts, person, green alien, knitting needles, 3 orange flowers (singles- I grouped them into 3!)

Photo 2: 15 graphics – knitting needles on the astronaut

Earth, pink planet, moon, astronaut, knitting needles, white drawn star in bottom right, general white stars across the sky, ship with yellow sails, black outline ship, lights (I’ll class it as 1), lighthouse, shooting star, rocket, person with drink, 2 people dancing (they are ONE graphic!)

Photo 3: 9 graphics – knitting needles in the brown seaweed

Seaweed in the right (the brown and green are ONE), knitting needles, 2 x seaweed to the left, mermaid, shark, fish, 2 x bubbles

Did you get 30/30?

Then you get a prize…my respect! There you go – it’s yours!

[I’m not working out the numbers if you only found 3 or whatever…I mean come on, life’s too short!!]

Definitely have a look at Canva if you want an easy platform to use for writing or creating designs. It does have a few limitations- I would LOVE to have a cursor option when writing instead of all the text boxes…but you can’t have everything!

I do like how you can mess around with things and have a play…one thing I find with applications like Photoshop is that they are difficult to play with. With those types of software you have to have an end goal in mind, whereas at least with Canva you can just have fun!


Just a couple of things…all of the photos I changed were taken by me. All of the free graphics I used were from Canva, where there license states I can use them for personal or commercial use, and since this is just a lil game and I’m not selling the ‘artwork’ in any way…well, I think we’re all good here!