Making a Dog Bone Procreate Brush

I figured out how to do a technical thing! I can create digital brushes now…yay!

I always thought it would be a lot harder than it actually is. It’s actually super simple to create a nice texture brush in Procreate.

If you don’t know, Procreate is a drawing app you can use on the I-pad. You can make raster (pixel) drawings on there, which almost every artist uses. It’s very versatile, you can make backgrounds, repeat patterns, lettering, text based designs, pictures, cool effects like neon sign writing…anything really.

I’ve made really simple ones, like a textured brush of a macrame wall hanging I made years ago. And simple diamonds and stars brushes, which are so simple but nevertheless quite effective.

My favourite has to be the dog bone one though!!!

The coloured bones were ‘stamped’ and the writing just by writing with the Apple Pencil as you normally would write.

I drew the bone on a page using the symmetry tool (so it didn’t take long at all!). Then exported it to my files and imported that file into the shapes tab in a new brush. Tap the image invert the colours and that’s pretty much it! Play around with the sizing and spacing of the shapes to create some really cook effects.

It might sound complicated but hey, if I can do it…!

As I say, I made other shapes too…like these…

For first ever tries, they’re not bad! Although the cactus didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped…oh well!

You can either use the brush as you normally would to draw or write, or you can stab it on the screen and use it as a stamp. The stamping method works particularly well if your brush has a shape design such as the stars or dog bone.

The lighter you press with the Apple Pencil, then the more faded out the brush looks.

I did try to upload the dog bone brush as a freebie for you. BUT, WordPress wasn’t having it, so you’ll just have to look at the picture with longing I’m afraid!

You can buy Procreate brushes quite cheaply on sites like Creative Market or Creative Fabrica.

For example this cute Rainbow Brush from Creative Fabrica.

Creative Fabrica

Or how about this sweet mushroom stamp brush set?

Creative Fabrica.

There are lots of options to buy…I’m going to have a look around, and hopefully once I’ve developed my skills a bit, be able to sell some creations on there. That’s the plan, anyway!

The links to Creative Fabrica above are affiliate links, which means if you use the link and make a purchase, I get a small commission with no extra cost to yourself.


Something Funny I Made – It’s So Bad!!!

Yesterday, I was waiting for my computer to update. It took HOURS! So, I decided to mess around on Procreate.

I figured out how to import a reference photo and used an old one of me (I don’t have that hairstyle anymore!). And…um..yeah.

It’s my first ‘proper’ go at drawing digitally, everything else has been just playing. So was this really, but I didn’t trace it, I actually drew it freehand and used layers. The time-lapse is hilarious, but I don’t think I can upload videos here.

On the plus side, I can only get better from here, right?!!