I have had fun thinking up this little challenge to get this blog well and truly up and running.

Feel free to use these prompts if you want to have a go yourself.

  1. Last crafty thing I worked on (doesn’t have to be finished)
  2. Favourite yarn brand e.g. Stylecraft
  3. Favourite thing I have ever made
  4. Longest item to make
  5. Eco-friendly crafting
  6. Favourite crafty celebrity e.g. Kirsty Allsopp
  7. Talk about your crafty childhood
  8. New crafts to try this year
  9. Favourite knitting stitch
  10. Techniques I want to try
  11. Favourite colour palettes
  12. Knitting vs. Crochet
  13. Charitable makes/ donations
  14. Making for children
  15. Epic Fails
  16. How craft blogging has changed since my first blog in 2015
  17. Using up your stash
  18. Messy vs. Neat workspace
  19. Natural or synthetic fibres
  20. Favourite crafty Youtubers
  21. Favourite crafty book
  22. Specific items/ projects I want to try e.g. mittens
  23. Most practical/ useful thing I have ever made
  24. Favourite place to craft away
  25. Morning/ afternoon/ evening person/ crafting
  26. First make of 2020
  27. Halloween makes/ knits?
  28. Ever taught anyone to knit/ crochet etc?
  29. Last craft kit you bought
  30. What will be the next project you work on?