Yarn Acquisitions

I’ve bought so much yarn this month or so.

It’s like an explosion of wool in my house…I wanted to use up what I had first, but no such luck!

I’ve been inspired by colours and by other crafters. There’s a couple of YouTubers I’ve seen either mentioning a yarn or working on a pattern or type of garment and I’ve thought to myself something along the lines of “That looks good!”.

So, I thought I’d show you a few of my recent purchases and what I have planned for them.

First up is Lettlopi

I’ve heard of this Icelandic wool for a few months now and heard good things about it.

It’s rustic and natural and surprisingly affordable. It’s also supposed to be very warm and whilst it’s very rustic and stiff when you first buy it, I believe it’s also supposed to soften in the wash as you wear it.

It feels matte. I don’t know how to describe it other than it’s not smooth.

I’m looking forward to trying this, and of course as it’s Icelandic wool it’s got to be knitted up into a jumper. I just HAVE to!

Since I only bought 2 balls to see what it was like, I’m going to wait until I finish a few projects before casting anything on as I’m running out of room to put all the project bags (and the projects) that I’m currently working on!

Next is Cotton

I don’t normally knit or crochet with cotton as I find it too slippery and it makes my hands ache a bit trying to get the perfect tension.

But I’ve seen a few people using plant based fibres and I realised I’ve mostly used acrylic and other man made fibres with the odd mix of wool thrown in too.

There’s a YouTube channel called We Grow Wild that I follow. The lady is living in Italy and she is currently using plant based fibres such as cotton and bamboo etc. to make some pretty beautiful garments. One thing she made was a bralette which I thought looked good for the summer and another was a white leaf top (which I am amazed she made so quickly).

Now, I’m not a bralette kind of person. I’m a plus-sized woman who doesn’t get her belly button out ever. EVER! But you can make them longer into camisole type tops and I think I’ve found the perfect pattern!

Sirdar have released a new cotton and acrylic mix yarn called Stories and they’ve released quite a few summer patterns to go with it. I bought 2 from Wool Warehouse (the paper versions as I like to write on them sometimes!).

I bought a camisole type top and a vest top to be made in cotton yarn. I haven’t started either yet but they are in my queue!

So, I have 2 balls of Sirdar Stories to try and 3 balls of James C. Brett 100% Cotton as well. I’m thinking the yellow colour for the camisole top and the pink for the vest…but the vest can use a variety of colours as it’s striped or I could just make up the stripes or colours as I go along.

And Finally Another Jumper!

I got these 4 balls (2 pink and 2 cream) on impulse from a garden centre of all places!

They are by Robin and are 100g DK weight. I think the pink and cream are going to look pretty awesome together!

I don’t have a pattern lined up except for wanting to make another jumper. But again I need to finish one of the five I already have on the go before I cast on any more!

I finished the majority of this post…and then I bought myself 2 balls of cotton yarn in burnt orange (the same make as the yellow cotton above) and another pattern for a summer vest.

Let’s not mention the 9 balls of DK dark green yarn that were on sale for £1 each…or the expensive ball of aran weight hand-dyed yarn I got from a local yarn store.

I have just had an explosion of cast ons and purchases in spring after a winter of not much crafting.

But that’s how it is sometimes, you go phases.

Recently I haven’t been crafting that much even though I’ve casted on a lot and been really inspired by patterns and people. I’ve been reading lots. Trying to get through some unfinished books.

Too bad I can’t knit and read at the same time!!


2 thoughts on “Yarn Acquisitions

  1. claire93

    some lovely buys! I’ve just bought myself 8 x 50g of a cotton acylic mix to knit a sleeveless summer top. Need to finish my current project (cotton socks) first though!


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