Latest Pin For My Collection

It’s been a while since I added an enamel pin to my little collection but it’s finally happened!

Why? I just decided I needed a treat! A lot of what I’ve been buying lately has been essential stuff (and wool…lots of wool!) and so it was nice to buy something frivolous for myself!

I bought this cute autumnal bear from an Etsy shop called Emma Carpenter Studio.

I’ve bought pins and stickers from this shop before and they always arrive very fast and well packaged.

I had a little trouble trying to take a good picture as it’s very shiny and I kept getting my face or my phone in the reflection on the pin.

And below is what my enamel pin collection currently looks like.

The bear and hedgehog on the bottom left are from the same shop, as are the two pins above (the house and teacup). I’m sure if you follow arty YouTubers you’ll recognise a few pins from some other shops such as Katnipp Illustrations, Ellis Woolley and Baylee Jae.

And whilst it doesn’t look like there is any order to the layout there actually is! YouTubers on the left, nature in the top middle, nerd pins in the centre, Christmas in the top right and mystical pins on the right.

Quite a few were either seconds or freebies…some were buy 2, get a third free, so you can definitely build up a collection quickly and cheaply if you find the right shop at the right time. Glitterpunk Jewellery is an Etsy shop that sells cute pins and they often have seconds sales (the sparkling mystical pins were from here on the right)

The pin banner is just the right size for now… although it’s almost getting a little small and definitely looks a little worse for wear with all the rearranging I’ve been doing! I got it from an Etsy shop The Novel Menagerie and I might have to pop along and see if there are any more…I’ve sort of outgrown the pink!!

So, yeah, have a look at Emma Carpenter Studio on Etsy if you want any cute pins for yourself or as gifts for people. I would recommend the shop! 🙂

She’s also on Youtube if you want to see what she’s up to!

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I may get a percentage of that sale at no extra cost to you!



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