Sunday Jobs – Mr Whippy The Cactus!

This Sunday, I did a few things I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages…like repotting my biggest cactus into a bigger pot.

I call him Mr Whippy (that’s an ice cream in the UK if you’re confused!) as he’s all twisted.

His proper name is Cereus Forbesii Spiralis.

Can you believe he’s grown by half since January?!

I haven’t measured him, but I’d say he’s at least 40cm high, if not a little more.

I have a book about cacti and it says he’s from South America and can grow up to 1.5 metres high!

Maybe you can’t get a good sense of how big he is from these terrible pictures, but the new pot now dominates the entire living room window sill! He’ll have to find a new spot…but there aren’t many places to put a HUGE spike cactus!

It kind of looks like he’s giving the finger to the outside world, he’s so straight!

We had some orchid mix leftover which I put on the top, thinking it would help drainage and look nice, the rest is all proper cactus mix…almost a whole bag!

I love cacti and house plants…but we don’t have many South facing places to put them, they get less light when they point North and then they start to stretch and grow in funny shapes when they have to reach for the light.

My Mammillaria are having babies too!

I had to throw away the parent plant last year (insert sad face here) but in 2019 I think it was I potted up 2 of it’s babies. For 2 years they didn’t do much until a few months ago when they both had a growth spurt and produced little offshoots.

So…my babies are having babies!


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