The Easiest Victoria Sponge Recipe You Will Ever Need!

Different places (and ages) use different measuring systems.

In the US it’s cups. Here in the UK it’s technically grams, but I’ve never liked grams. They have such random and arbitrary amounts for recipes…674g of flour…238g of sugar…nope! I’m not big on grams.

But I do love pounds and ounces. We used to use that here in the UK when my parents were younger and then we changed to the metric system.

But in my opinion, pounds and ounces are so much easier to remember than random gram numbers!

For example, all you need to remember for the perfect sponge cake is this:

6 and 3


4 and 2

That’s it!

You need 6 ounces of sugar, butter and flour. And 3 eggs.


You need 4 ounces of sugar, butter and flour. And 2 eggs.


Why the 2 amounts? It depends on the size of your round cake tins! No, I don’t have measurements for tins, I’m not that kind of baker!

If I want a bigger cake (usually I do!) then I’ll use the 6 and 3 amount. It’s up to you! And if you use the 6 and 3 and you have some batter left over, you can always just make a few extra tiny individual cakes with it!

This is what my mum taught me from what she learned at school so there is no linkable recipe source for this recipe!

Here’s the simple method if you’re interested.

Victoria Sponge Cake


6oz Caster Sugar

6oz Butter

6oz Self-Raising Flour

3 Eggs


Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat the 3 eggs together and mix in a little at a time until they’re combined with the butter and sugar.

Sift the flour into the mixture a bit at a time and fold into the cake mix. Make sure you’re folding the flour in so you can get as much air in as possible. Keep adding flour a bit at a time until it’s all combined.

If you want to add any extras here like cocoa powder or chocolate chips you can. I prefer to add a bit of cocoa powder straight into the batter, but some people like to substitute the amount of cocoa powder for a bit of the flour (so you still have 6oz with the cocoa powder included). It’s up to you. Experiment and see what you prefer.

Tip into 2 greased round cake tins.

Cook in the oven about 180C for 20-30 mins until you insert a skewer and it comes out clean and the cake is golden and firm to the touch. It might take a bit less or more depending on your own oven.

Tip out on a rack and let cool.

Once cool add jam between the layers and either icing or buttercream frosting on the top. Or, if you’re doing a chocolate cake, add chocolate buttercream in between the layers as well as on top.

It’s so easy!

Also, you can use this recipe for fairy cakes/ buns/ butterfly cakes. I like to use the 6 and 3 amount for butterfly cakes as they rise a bit more and it’s easier to cut out the tops.

Another thing I like to do is use the 6 and 3 amounts to make fairy cakes with both white and milk chocolate chips…yum!

When all you have to remember is 6 and 3 or 4 and 2, you’ll never need a cook book for a Victoria Sponge Cake again!

Also, there’s no picture because we had an orange flan with this recipe last night and we still have some left…so I’m not going to make any cakes today, but I wanted to share the recipe!

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2 thoughts on “The Easiest Victoria Sponge Recipe You Will Ever Need!

  1. Thanks it sounds like a great recipe ;). I live in the USA and yes I love ozs and lbs 🙂 Only gram weight I know is for my yarn 100 grams (4 oz) of fingering weight is enough for a small shawl or fingerless mitts and some hat patterns lol.

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