The Writer’s Life

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I’m blogging here every day in August.

I’m also blogging every day on Medium in August.

Although it may end up averaging out to 30 posts or so on Medium as some days I post 3 stories and some none, whereas over here it’s just one every day!

In the past week I’ve written thousands of words. Sometimes before noon!

The writing has just whooshed out of me, in part because I’m getting the hang of Medium a bit more and actually trying to write better pieces!

And it’s paid off…after earning just 4 cents in my first month of May, nothing in June and 6 cents in July…I’m currently on 38 cents in August. Woohoo! I’m rich! But it proves what I’m doing is working!

And just from writing a few blog posts!

When I joined Medium in either May or June, I didn’t understand that it wasn’t a blogging platform like WordPress. Here I can share my day, share some links to places I’ve found and like – maybe some small businesses or what I’ve been reading or watching etc.

I can share crappy photos of my wonky makes and enjoy being around crafty minded people!

It’s not like that on Medium.

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First of all, you don’t really pick a niche! You write about everything.

It’s not so important to just write about making money online, but you also need to write about writing and productivity and creativity…and pets!

People follow you because they like your writing and not because they like your niche so much. It’s a a strange but interesting concept.

You can write articles with the personal touch and with personal anecdotes, yet no-one wants to see what you’re up to in real life!

Because how readers consume content is different!

Here, you want to nosy at people’s posts. Take it slow with a cup of coffee and read about your hobbies at your leisure and be inspired. Get some ideas for your next knitted make. Find an interesting recipe.

None of that on Medium!

A lot of the writers are professional writers and Medium is just another writing platform. The people who read the stories (what they call blog posts over there) are looking for shorter articles to read on their mobile phones on the commuter train in the morning or they want longer form articles they can sink their teeth into…also on their mobile phones on the commuter train in the morning!

Any pictures you put up on Medium have to have the source (i.e. Photo courtesy of the author) in the caption…which I didn’t realise when I first started. If you don’t then it ruins your chances of getting curated, which means the platform’s editors won’t distribute your work.

And other things affect that too, like how you format your post, what links you put in…all sorts.

I didn’t do enough research before I joined, because if I had, I would have joined and started off on that platform in a much better position!

Lesson well and truly learned there!

I also think, with the amount of writing I’ve been doing over there, that my writing has vastly improved!

I’m trying not to write listicle articles all the time but it’s very difficult as they are such an easy format to write.

As with any part of writing, the trick is knowing what to share and what to keep private, but I think I might start writing a few more personal articles over there as well as ones focussed on creativity and productivity.

I’ve absolutely loved the amount of writing I’ve been doing lately. Have I said that enough? I don’t think I have…it’s just not a chore!

I’m even seriously looking at Substack to write E-mail newsletters. And Fiverr.

It’s funny how something comes along and suddenly consumes every moment of your waking life! Like a massive fork that the path you were on before seems so tiny and insignificant now.

Oh the places we’ll go!

Here are a few of my more recent articles on Medium if you want to have a look:

If you want to sign up for a membership with Medium then you can find a way to do that here with my link:


If you want to subscribe to receive my Medium posts by e-mail, you can sign up here:

These links are a new feature that Medium just introduced this week, in fact, where if you sign up for a Medium account using the Medium Writer’s referral links, then the writer will get a percentage of that sign up fee.

I use Medium and am starting to make money on it (not millions of pounds obviously!) so of course I’m going to recommend it. It’s got some good stuff even just as a reader and not as a writer. It’s worth having a look into if nothing else! 🙂

[This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using that link, I will get a small commission of the total amount of the purchase at no extra cost to you]


2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Life

    1. I only heard of it in April or May…it takes a bit of getting used to, but some people make hundreds of dollars each month just by posting articles. Alas I’m only at 77 cents so far this month, hahaha! But the quality of the writing over there is like a step up from a lot of WordPress posts, more actual article posts than photo diary entries if you get my point. I think you can read 3 or 4 free stories (posts) each month if you want to just have a nosy! 🙂


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