My Sewing Patterns – What’s In My Stash #1

What’s In My Stash #1

I don’t actually have that many sewing patterns anymore!

A few weeks ago I had a period of manic sewing and went through a few patterns. If I like it I’ll keep it for another use. If not, then it goes straight in the paper recycling!

So, there’s a few less than about a month ago!!

All of the patterns below are free ones from sewing magazines. I think the bigger ones are from Simply Sewing. I can’t remember where I got the other two.

I’ve done the Anna Tote, that was a quick and easy pattern that I definitely want to do again. I’ll stick a picture below of the denim bag I did.

I like the long wrap skirt and the Fiona Dress (the blue one on the right of the pattern) as it has 3/4 length sleeves. I can’t honestly see myself doing the others anytime soon as I’m into knitting at the moment and I’m realising I go through phases of crafts!

But I want to keep them for the future. I have the satchel pattern all cut out and ready to go…just need to check what fabric I have left.

My first webbing (so ignore the wonky stitching!).

So there you go – a nosy into my sewing pattern stash! Just what you didn’t know you needed!!

Do you have more or less than 8 patterns?!


6 thoughts on “My Sewing Patterns – What’s In My Stash #1

  1. I used to have a lot but gave up sewing things for other handicrafts so just a few oddments in the pattern stash these days for me. I do really like the two tote/bag patterns you’ve shown. Maybe those will spur me on to getting back into sewing again!

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    1. The trouble with having too many patterns is that you then have to go out and buy too much fabric!! I love the tote bag pattern, it was so easy, I’m definitely going to have another go at it. Yes, if you have time to get back into…you could sew a bag for your other craft materials! 🙂

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    1. I bet you have about 100 patterns – 50 dresses, 30 skirts, a few tops/ random clothes and the rest bags and other accessories!!
      So many crafts to try…not enough hours in the day to sew all the things you want to! x

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