What A Fortnight!

What a terrible couple of weeks it has been! I think I can safely say that NONE of my goals or plans for June will be met by the end of the month!

All I’m going to say is that I’m on the waiting list for an operation and today is the first day in over two weeks I have felt well enough, not just to sit at a computer, but to sit up full stop! It’s nothing really major, however it has been agony and the medication which has made me drowsy and dizzy hasn’t helped at all.

So, I’ve been trying to go easy on myself. I know that health comes first, but I had such a long list of things to do this month!

Things like opening my Etsy shop and publishing my first book on Amazon will just have to wait a month or so.

I’m going to try not to beat myself up about that, but there isn’t much I can do about it, so, really, why worry about that which I can’t change?!

I did a bit of cross stitch last night and that’s all the crafting I’ve done lately! I might see if I can do some more orange knitted jumper today. It’s so hot and muggy though that I might just read a book! [Spoiler alert: I did NOTHING!!]

For the craft goals, there aren’t really any majorly urgent things to get done…it’s more the writing and computer work I wanted to focus on this month. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes isn’t it?

On the plus side…I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks, yay! That might be too much to lose in a healthy way, but I don’t care, it’s a plus to me!

I managed to get into town on Friday, have a quick haircut (my first proper one since September – we will NOT mention my mother cutting the back part with her kitchen scissors!). I had it cut really short in September and it won’t be long before it’s the same level!

Anyway, this is turning into a weird waffle meander…

I guess the point of this is reminding myself that sometimes you have to do a complete 180 and drop what you planned to do something else. I’m lucky that I can do that right now and focus on my health, and even though it’s a horrible operation I know this will sort out a lot of the problems I’ve been having lately.

Focus on the little wins!

Today little wins = I managed to apply for an affiliate scheme, sort out an app, write this post and check a few things online…with minimal nap time!!

Have a nice weekend and I’ll be back with regular programming soon…


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