June Goals

May was quite productive, in fact, I think I managed to meet a fair amount of my goals for May.

I joined the Medium Partner Program and although I haven’t published a story over there in a week or so, I’m ready to get back to writing over there.

I carried on creating printables for my new Etsy shop/ book and although I haven’t technically opened the shop yet (which I really wanted to do by the end of May) I’m almost there. It just takes a LOT longer than I expected to sort everything!

I reached almost 130 designs on RedBubble, I wanted 200 by end of May, but to get over 100 is pretty good so I’m still happy. That’s not a huge priority right now, so I’ll work on that as and when I get the chance.

I also managed to get a lot of knitting done yesterday. I don’t know what it is about hot, sunny summer days, but they make me want to knit like a maniac!

I’m going to try to finish that tonight or this week at the latest and sew it all together (my Neon Fair Isle bag I mean) and that will finally be a finished object which I haven’t had on here for so long! It’s starting to drag a bit this project, I only meant it to be a quick 10 minute job but the colour work takes twice as long to do!


  1. Open Etsy store and have 10 listings live in it!
  2. Reach 200 designs on RedBubble
  3. Publish 20 stories on Medium (good quality ones with good pictures and keywords – ‘proper’ posts!)
  4. Have some designs published on my Society 6 and Spoonflower stores
  5. Sign up to Substack (maybe)
  6. Sign up to Fiverr – create profile, have 1 Gig live
  7. Launch my own website…get the back end security and meta boring stuff sorted and have 10 posts listed
  8. Sell a Procreate brush on Etsy

I think that will do for the ‘job’ goals…and the crafty ones?

  1. Finish the Neon Fair Isle Bag – sewn up and everything – DONE! 🙂
  2. Make a lot of progress with my orange jumper (half done, need to finish ribbing at the bottom of the second half and get onto the main pattern)
  3. Do some more on my sock yarn shawl
  4. Start a crochet baby blanket for a friend
  5. Cast on a pair of socks to use up my socks yarn stash
  6. Do a lot more on my cross-stitch piece (not sure if I like the colours I chose…I might see what the finished piece looks like and if I don’t like it I can always start again with a better colour palette) STOPPED AND USING THE THREADS FOR ANOTHER PROJECT!!
  7. Sew up a linen top I have mostly cut out
  8. Denim rucksack -I cut out the denim the other day, need to cut out the lining and sew it together
  9. Do some more work on my leather work (started to sew it up last year and haven’t touched it since)

I also haven’t baked any bread in ages so I want to have a go at that too, got some brown seedy flour to use up!

I have loads of stuff in the boot of my car to take to the charity shop, I need to have another rummage and see if I can add anything else!

And Yoga. I haven’t made a lot of time for that lately. I want to get back into it…it’s like a mini heat wave where I am, not technically a heat wave, but it’s so hot outside I don’t feel like getting hot and sweaty on purpose right now!

knitted jumper
I finished the back, now I’m about 8cm into a 15cm rib on the bottom of the front…got most of the front to do, then sew it all up!

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