New Cross -Stitch Project Started

The other day I posted what I drew when my computer updated. It took so long I started on some cross-stitch too!

This is the last project I have from an Etsy shop called Stitchrovia. I’ve talked in previous blogs about getting designs from here. This one says ‘Think good thoughts and good will find you’.

As with the other designs I bought, I’m using up my stash of Aida and threads so the colours won’t match at all to what the pattern suggests, but since this is only a type-face design with text and a few details, then I don’t think that matters too much!

This is what I have so far… I know it’s hard to see the yellow.

I usually print out a black and white chart, although you get both colour and black and white with your purchase. I just prefer the black and white.

But this time it’s a much bigger picture than the previous two…the pattern fills up 2 pieces of A4 paper with tiny squares.

I want to say it’ll be a project to do bits at a time, but I know once I get into a project like this, I pretty much can’t put it down!

No, I don’t use embroidery hoops! I just iron it at the end (don’t worry, I’m careful not to squish the stitches!).

I’ve also done a whole row of my knitted Neon Fair Isle bag. Yes – A WHOLE ROW! Progress, but doesn’t feel like it!

I guess I really am all knitted and sewn out for a bit!


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