Printing My Own Design On Fabric

In the last couple of weeks my creativity regarding designing and using Photoshop has just exploded.

I have a better understanding of Photoshop and have been able to create repeating patterns. So, naturally I thought, why not get one printed onto fabric?

The first website that springs to mind for this is Spoonflower, a company from the USA but which has a manufacturing centre in Germany.

I uploaded one of my designs and yes, in hindsight I probably should have waited because I have since created other designs that I like better than this one! But this one is special because it’s the first ever one that I had moved all the pieces into place and created layers and figured out shortcuts…it’s special, you know?!

So, I received it in the post today (Tuesday) after ordering last Wednesday, which to create and ship and have it delivered in the space of a week in these pandemic and Brexit trying times I think is pretty good!

The fabric was a cotton, I can’t remember the exact name of it, but it feels quite nice and the print quality is pretty good, the lines will never be as crisp and clear as when you print onto paper because that’s how it goes with fabric, but overall the colours are pretty true to my design and it looks good. There is only one real downside…

The print is MASSIVE!!!!!!!

I hold my hand up, I think that’s my fault for missing the part about sizing (although I’m pretty sure I read it through before I ordered) anyway, I think I know where I went wrong, aside from ordering the biggest piece of fabric as a test piece. It’s all in the pixels and how many and what size canvas etc. Oh well, I know for next time and to be frank, for figuring out everything in a fortnight, it’s all still pretty good!

Here we go:

I drew these pictures on Procreate…they are MASSIVE on the fabric though!!

I still have a lot to learn about pattern placing and making good patterns that are specifically for fabric but overall, it’s not bad for a first go! 🙂

As a comparison, this is what it looks like when it’s small, as on my RedBubble shop…it looks WAY better as a tiny design! I guess size really DOES matter!!

tiny pattern!

But seriously…what the heck do I do with such a HUGE pattern?

Patchwork is mostly out because the squares would need to be huge. Maybe a cushion, of which I have a million already, or a tote bag? I haven’t made a proper tote in years…oh dear!! What should I do with it?!!!


4 thoughts on “Printing My Own Design On Fabric

  1. OMG. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t done any research on how to make my own printed fabric. My niece is a talented children’s book illustrator so I would LOVE to get her artwork printed on fabric for knitting projects bags. Whimsical is her strength!!

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    1. There are so many options now for printing on fabric, Spoonflower is definitely the most well known, elobina is supposed to be good for printing your own fabrics too and you can make a lot more products on a site called Contrado – you can even put your art on tea light holders there. I haven’t tried either of those companies myself yet, but it’s amazing what you can put your own art on. If your niece does giveaways or promotions of her books it would be cool to have a tote bag with her artwork on and a copy of her book and some other goodies with her designs on inside! x

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    1. Hmm maybe, I’m thinking something for the home as I’d feel self conscious wearing suge a HUGE print!! 🙂 I might end up making a tote or a drawstring bag…and use it for projects, maybe, I’ll have to get the sewing machine out again soon, it’s been months!


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