WIP’s and Bits

It feels ages since I’ve had anything to properly post about crafts and fibre stuff but it’s only been a few days! That’s because I’ve been busy having fun playing with colour on my I-pad and uploading random designs to my RedBubble shop which I also opened last week (see previous post).

I have loved making silly colouring pages too on Procreate too, it’s all practice with the software and using the stylus…also knowing what brush and how to use layers helps.

A side point of me doing digital ‘art’ has been getting to grips with Photoshop. I have had it installed for a couple of years now but could never understand how to use it! Yes, I know there are a million tutorials out there but it’s confused me no end. I think the problem was Photoshop isn’t easy to just play about with – it helps to have a specific project in mind. But I’m using it for more than just uploading files as a Photoshop file – yay!

I even created a few repeating patterns, which I am quite proud of if I do say so myself.

I have to say these guys are about my level of skill hahaha!

So, I’ve been very creative lately…just not very crafty!

I did finish a loom knit cowl and the straight looms are put back away in the drawer under my wardrobe.

It’s getting a bit warmer now so I don’t really need to wear such a thick cowl out, but I have to admit to still wearing woolly hats…not for the weather but because of my hair lol!

I have done a few rows of my crochet shawl, I am midway through ball of yarn number 3 out of 4, so if I really push it won’t take that long, especially as it’s just a simple Granny Square pattern that I don’t have to think about.

But I haven’t done any more of the other projects at all. The Neon Fair Isle Bag is still 3/4 done and I haven’t even thought about the sock yarn shawl or the orange jumper.

I think it’s nice to have a change of pace for a bit, do something different, and also, the days are getting longer and lighter and I just don’t feel the need to be knitting winter warmers.

Normal crafty service will resume shortly though.

I have also been messing on Canva and have made some more printables (I did do a post with some a couple of weeks ago but decided I didn’t like them and took the post down…I also checked the terms of use on Canva site to make sure I CAN post printables for free/sale and it looks like I’m OK to do so as long it’s all my own design and I’m not using any stock images or premium content, so…yay here’s some more!)

Just a simple To Do List on A4 sized paper…one has little lines and one is bigger (ideal for kid’s hand writing maybe?).

I might try some designs for knitting and crochet, maybe sewing too.

Any ideas? I’m thinking project notes, pattern pages, checklists, that kind of thing.

They might not be super pretty, but they will be functional! So many of the printables I see on Etsy are pretty and colourful, but not very practical – there’s nowhere to write much sometimes, so personally, I’d rather have a practical and functional sheet than a pretty and useless one.

But I’ll have a go anyway. If you want to make easy sheets like these, head on over to Canva, there’s a free version and it’s a million times easier than Photoshop. Unfortunately, most of the downloads seem to have a same-y look to them on Etsy and other places but if you’re not great with graphic design like me, then it’s definitely worth a look.

You don’t just have to do A4, you can make Instagram and Pinterest posts, business cards, shop and website banners…the world’s your creative oyster! xx


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