Loom Knitting

One of these hats was hand knitted and the other knitted on a loom. Can you spot the difference?

knitted hats

Yes! You were right! The one on the right was loom knitted and the one on the left was hand knitted with 2 needles.

It’s very difficult to get the lighting right, so neither of these pics are true to life but I can assure you, the colour is a gorgeous mustard yellow.

Since I STILL had some leftover I thought I would make a little scarf or cowl, I know, I know, I have enough of these already, but I just wanted an excuse to use my straight loom since I don’t use it very often!

I actually love the feel of the fabric from the straight loom better than the round one (for the hat). It seems denser somehow.

The yarn is King Cole Big Value Chunky and I just have the rest of the ball in the picture below to use up and then it’s out of my stash!

knitted scarf

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