Garden Seeds

We don’t have much of a front or back garden. But that’s not going to stop me this year!

The front is North facing, near a busy main road and shady; the back is South facing, but with patio slabs and only a couple of very thin flower beds next to the garden walls, so not much space to grow anything.

Last year we grew some beans and 2 tomato plants, with a few beetroot underneath. The beans worked well and so did the tomatoes…it was more of something to do, rather than expecting an actual crop of anything.

Usually it’s a lot of annual flowers and that’s it.

I have some free seeds from gardening magazines to use up and I visited an outdoor centre between lockdowns last year and bought a couple of packets of seeds (you know when there’s not much to look at because it was 2020 and nothing you particularly wanted to buy but at the same wanted to support the local small business, so you think…I’ll just buy a few packs of seeds!!!).

I’m going to fill up a couple of plant pots and try a few new things this year. From the seeds below, only the tomatoes would take up a lot of room really, so that’s good…

I bought a packet of chamomile seeds as I want to try and dry some and use them either for tea or for homemade body products. I also want to try some spring onions since the ones you grow yourself are WAY bigger and tastier than those you can buy in the shops. And if there’s room, some lettuce which if I remember doesn’t take too long to grow and harvest.

We’ll have to see what space there is to fill up. šŸ™‚

vegetable seeds
Definitely a salad or two here!

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