2021 First Quarter Crafting

I thought since we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year I would take a moment to remind myself of what I have made so far:


-Christmas Jumper finished

-Twisted Turban Headband

-Loom knit hat

-Mustard Yellow Hat

Current WIPS: Orange jumper, Sock Yarn Shawl

Cast on: Neon Fair Isle bag, toy dog magazine freebie, loom knit scarf or cowl – I haven’t decided which it is yet!


-Christmas leftovers Granny Square blanket [done all I can with the yarn I have, it’s been put away for awhile]

Cast on: Granny Square Shawl with yarn from unravelled jumper [about halfway finished]


-First Dress [practice to understand construction]

-A couple of zipper bags [belated Christmas gifts for people]

-Zipper bag glasses case for my Dad

-First ever skirt

I haven’t really done any sewing since Christmas – but I have a top mostly cut out and ready to sew!


-Candle made to use up wax block

-Hand salves made to use up oils and butters

-Cross-Stitch picture…motivation through stitching!!

Mostly this year so far has been using up leftovers of previous projects and trying to finish current projects. Since my projects from last year are quite big projects, it’s been nice to have a few smaller projects to break up the monotony a little bit.

Randomly I gave myself a lockdown haircut…quite difficult to cut the back of your own hair straight, but I didn’t do too bad a job!!

I’ve also read a few books, mostly sci-fi, but I DID manage to read War and Peace, which I am chuffed about.

And of course…I started this blog 🙂


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