Loom Knit Hat

Loom Knitting

I thought I would make another yellow chunky hat with the leftovers from my hand knitted one a few weeks ago.

I like how quick the looms are compared to hand knitting and they’re really easy too.

Just ignore the fact I haven’t ironed the backing fabric yet!!

If it looks OK I might give it away, if it looks strange then I can always unravel it and make something else. It looks like I should be using 2 strands but we’ll see what it looks like…I did think as it’s chunky (bulky) yarn then I’d only need one strand, but I’m sure it’ll look alright once it’s finished.

A good place on Youtube to start with loom knitting is a channel called Loom A Hat. She’s really good with loom knitting and even does things like dolls and toys as well as hats, scarves, cowls, shawls etc.


2 thoughts on “Loom Knit Hat

  1. I used to machine knit. It was excellent, and very fast, but there are a number of downsides! first of all, they’re expensive although there was a thriving ebay 2nd hand market in them. It’s complicated to set up and every tiny thing has to be just right. Then they’re noisy, and take up a lot of room. Not a sociable thing like hand knitting. Also, one of the things which regularly happened was that I’d run the thing/shuttle across and every single stitch would fall off the needles. And the weights would fall on my feet. Then they come in different gauge sizes. I had three at one time – a double knitting one which did 4 ply to chunky (allegedly but not really), and two 4 ply ones, one was manual with a punchcard, one was electronic. The double knitting one connected to my computer via a fancy box and some expensive but good software called Design A Knit. I had a whole room just for the machine knitting. I did it for ten years, then decided I’d go back to my first love, which is hand knitting. I could do a child’s jumper in a day. A scarf in half an hour. And I still have some of the stuff I made. I don’t miss it at all, but it was quite the rage when I was in my twenties. Lots of other people at work had them. Punchcards were the latest thing!


    1. I’ve never used a ‘proper’ knitting machine but I’d love to have a go! I’m thankful that I live in an age of technology where I can look up how to use them on Youtube, otherwise I’d be stuck!! 🙂 It’s the speed of it that draws me, I’m getting quicker at hand knitting, depending on the project, and I can crochet a scarf in an evening easy, but the idea of making a sweater in a day or so is what is really attracting me at the moment.
      You had a whole room for your knitting machine? I’m so jealous…the thought of having a room just to fill with my wool and fabric and other crafty bits is a dream a lot of us have…I’m still working on it! 😉 x

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