Yes…I am doing lots of about turns as regards my plans and intentions for knitting and crochet this year.

I originally said no more new projects and no more crochet for a while and I have just ignored that completely!

I have 5 balls of Stylecraft Cabaret DK [shade 1095 – Underwater Rainbow] to use up after I unpicked a knitted jumper that I had done about 20cm of and then got bored of.

So, what to do with all this yarn? I didn’t want to cast on another jumper as I am going to finish the orange one I’m doing at the mo and then have a break from big projects like that for a bit. And I have enough scarves, cowls, hats etc.

So, I thought I would do a crochet shawl, as I really like the one I made for myself last year with the same brand of yarn, just in another colour, and also, I can crochet WAY quicker than knit. So, even though a shawl can be quite a ‘big’ project, it really won’t be as it won’t take that long to do!

I LOVE the colours of this yarn…very autumnal!

2021 Shawl

It’s a simple Granny Square pattern that I dont even have to think about as I’m doing it and it is from a book called ‘Shabby Chic Crochet’ published by MakerCo and designed by Agnieszka Strycharska.

The last shawl I made used 4 balls of yarn and is just the right size…so I will have one ball leftover to make something else…I don’t know what yet though!

Below is the shawl I made last year, so you can see what the finished shawl will look like, just in a different colour.

2020 Shawl

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