DAY #30 – Next Project


DAY #30 – Next Project

I have had to go back and edit this post since I first scheduled it because I’ve now completed a few of the projects I had on here. I have made candles from a leftover block of wax I had lying around, and I’ve also done a cross-stitch sampler and made a lot of headway with my Xmas knitted jumper, so at least there are a few things to cross off the never-ending list.

I am still currently working on my knitted WIP’s (a shawl and 3 jumpers) and want to finish those before I start any new crochet or knitted projects. [LOL, Future me here…I cast on a knitted dog from a magazine free kit!!!]

It’s entirely possible that I might unpick one of the jumpers, if that happens, I think a pair of knitted mittens might be the next cast on project, OR, if I am feeling particularly brave, a pair of orange socks which I already have the sock yarn for. And I also bought half price sock yarn in a bright multicoloured pattern so there will definitely be knitted socks at some point in the future.

I don’t have any plans for any crochet projects at the moment or the near future. I’ve been using crochet lately as a means to use up scraps of leftover yarn.

I also have a few bits and pieces leftover from other projects – lots of shea butter to use up in hand salves and body butters etc., some gouache paints to try and I wouldn’t mind another try at Lino cutting. I have lots of card blanks hidden away under my bed somewhere, so I could try to lino print some cards? Not really a homemade card person but it’s an idea.

I guess what’s really next is to use up materials and re-order tools etc. so that they fit in drawers and boxes better and take up less room.

And at some point some more sewing too…


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