DAY #26 – First Make of 2021- FIRST EVER DRESS


DAY #26 – First Make of 2021 – FIRST EVER DRESS

My first ever sewn dress! I did this in early January this year and before you say anything, yes! It’s only a practice!!

I wanted to see how it was put together and just practice using the machine really, understanding the construction, seeing how it was put together, that sort of thing.

The fabric was cheap and naff nylon/ polyester mix but was cheap, like £2 or £3 a metre. It feels cheap and horrible. The pattern was a free pattern – I think it was from Simply Sewing magazine?

I should note I haven’t sewn up the sleeve edges properly, I just pinned them for this photo, which is why they look at a funny angle, and I didn’t sew the neck edging down properly either.

It kind of looks like an unshapely blob in the pic, but it does look a lot better on (believe it or not!).

I did learn a few things from this though:

  1. The pockets in the pattern were not deep enough and give the dress a funny shape. In future, leave the pockets out or make them bigger.
  2. Sleeve bands are HORRIBLE to affix to the raw sleeves – so fiddly!
  3. The neck edging might have looked better with some kind of bias binding reinforcement.
  4. It needs a belt or something extra around the middle.

At this point, I am just shocked it fits…but it’s one for the back of the wardrobe…or for when literally all of my clothes are in the wash and the only alternative is to go out naked.


6 thoughts on “DAY #26 – First Make of 2021- FIRST EVER DRESS

    1. It fits! I dont know about comfy…the fabric feels like a cheap halloween costume though! And I only use the free patterns with magazines, I’ll have to finish it and wear it the next time we meet up, then you’ll see what I mean! x


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