DAY #24 – Favourite Place to Craft Away


DAY #24 – Favourite Place to Craft Away

The photos below are pictures I took on a train to Edinburgh in 2019. What do you do on a long train journey? Knitting or crochet of course!

I really don’t have a favourite place to knit, I can do it anywhere! It’s portable and easy to shove in a bag, and, whilst I couldn’t do it in a car because of motion sickness, you can even knit on the go.


One thought on “DAY #24 – Favourite Place to Craft Away

  1. There aren’t too many passenger trains here in the ole U S of A. My travel knitting is confined to long car trips on the interstate highway system. The roads are smooth enough that I can avoid the woozy stomach problem. And when I can get back on airplanes, I will knit small projects like hats.


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