DAY #22 – Specific items or projects I would like to try


DAY #22 – Specific items or projects I would like to try

I have only ever knitted one sock. Not one pair! Just the one! And it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared…but it took me 3 weeks to do and put me off forevermore.

I would like to actually knit a pair of socks one day! Nothing fancy, just an actual pair that fit my clown-sized feet perfectly! I have two balls of West Yorkshire Spinners 4-ply in an orange colour suspiciously the same as the jumper I am knitting.

I do hate the smallness of 4-ply though – it takes so long to make any progress!

I would also like to do mittens in the round but the charts always confuse me. Skeindeer Knits on Ravelry (you can also find her on Youtube) has a few lovely patterns I would love to try. And The Crimson Stitchery (again on Ravelry and Youtube) has some sweet sock patterns.

Thats’s after I finish all my current WIP’s!!

And of course, have a go at literally everything else there is to possibly make in the world!


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