Saturday Short and Sweet

knitted scarf

I finished this knitted scarf this time last year, but I haven’t worn it much or at all really. I’m using a green one I loom knitted last year as this one here is a little stiff from being made from a wool-mix yarn (I can’t remember the brand oops).

The pattern was from a book called Knitted Scarves and Cowls: 30 Stylish Designs to Knit by Jody Long.

I used the scarf pattern from page 90 and turned it into a cowl using some buttons I had going spare (I only had two balls of yarn and didn’t want to buy any more to make a longer scarf).

It looks very autumnal and was the first wavy knitting I’ve ever done. The pattern was so easy, it was one of those that once it’s in your head, you don’t need to check the book very much so it seems to go a bit faster.


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