Day #20 – Favourite Youtube Channels To Watch Whilst Crafting


Day #20 – Favourite Youtube Channels to watch whilst crafting

As I was compiling this  list I had a sudden thought. Should I list just crafty Youtubers or include Podcasts I listen to whilst I am crafting? You know what, I think I’ll do the latter!

My Top 5 Youtube Channels I like to listen to when I craft (BUT NOT SPECIFICALLY CRAFT RELATED)

5. Simple Living Alaska

I have followed Arielle and Eric from almost their first video and I can see why they have amassed such a huge following in only a couple of years. They are living in a cabin in Alaska with their 2 dogs, have a garden, some chickens, go hunting, basically it’s an Alaskan homestead. What I like about them is that they are down to Earth and make videos with a purpose…some homesteaders will make a whole video about chasing after their cow or shovelling sh*t (I’m not kidding about that last one). This channel makes videos with purpose and their photography is amazing. 

4. Ich Koche Heute (That translates into English as ‘Today I’m cooking’)

Yes, this is a German channel but don’t panic (Haben She keine Panik!!) there are English subtitles and a list of the ingredients and methods in the description box below. This is a cooking channel that looks at both German meals and international cuisine, it’s simple, good, food such as; Veggie quiche with kohlrabi and, carrots and leeks; simple cheeseburger sandwiches; Baking mini pretzel rolls with seeds etc. He also does some recipes where he bakes a giant cake version of chocolate bars – see his giant Kinder Bueno cake! Also, he has a very cute black Labrador that is always sleeping in front of the oven!

3. LiziQi 

This is probably one of the most famous Chinese bloggers out there, she lives in the mountains with her grandma and shows a traditional way of homesteading and crafting. She shows how to preserve food, grow food, I think she embroidered a dress in one video, in another she made her own inks and writing sets for Chinese calligraphy. A lot of her videos are basically cooking videos but shown from when she grows a vegetable to harvesting to cooking with it. I first found her when I saw her preserving eggs…that video had my mouth gaping wide open…she’s using WHAT to preserve it? Lol…for a contrast between western and eastern homesteading, this channel is a real eye-opener. 


This is a channel that promotes short sci-fi films. Some of them have quite famous names cameoing in them and some are obviously university final exam pieces – there is a real mix. And the topics are all sorts of sci-fi ones such as time travel, outer space etc. But be warned some of them are RUDE!! There is a funny video where they create a dimensional portal thing and they decide to send a man instead of a woman and instead of focusing on the mission to get to the right universe, the man thinks about something men are supposed to think about every 6 seconds or so…and my God is that video rude…short but DEFINITELY for mature audiences…but the average video is quite clever, especially one where the universe is made by a cute little alien. Something for everyone here. 

  1. April Wilkerson

She is very creative in that she is a woodworker/ carpenter with her own workshop and now a huge retail shop/ workshop. She is amazing putting together all these projects (after milling the wood, cutting it, sanding it etc. first of course) and she and her friend Anne of All Trades really got me looking at wood as a potential future material I would love to try. I have never been particularly DIY minded, I could put together an IKEA set, sure, but use a mitre saw? A band saw? Eek no! But she makes me want to have a go. And that walk- in raised bed she made? I want that most of all…I’d be terrified of driving all the heavy machinery though like !!

I do seem to watch a lot of homesteading channels!

Some other channels I like are:

Fran Meneses (Frannerd), Royalty Soaps, Sea Lemon, Baylee Jae, The Green Witch, Mandarine’s, Lumnah Acres (when they are not being so click-baity), Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckman for movie reviews and OMG I could go on…

But whilst I am on the subject…Chris Stuckman’s review of a film called Samurai Cop…it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages!

I think that’s enough to get you started! x


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