DAY #19 – Natural or Synthetic Fibres


Day #19 – Natural or Synthetic Fibres

I use both, but usually in a blend of fibres. E.g. 75 %acrylic with 25% wool.

I don’t like the scratchy feel of pure wool and I am not a huge fan of merino wool as everyone else seems to be. I am just not keen on the shiny feeling of the finished product. I know what I mean even if no-one else does!

I have never knitted something with bamboo, I think that would be interesting to see how that is made. And hemp too…that is one fibre that I can’t find in my local yarn shop, I know you can make hemp fabric which is eco-friendly but can you make hemp yarn too? I’m sure I read somewhere that you can.

I usually use acrylics in some form or other. The colours are just so vibrant and a lot of the time they are cheaper to buy. Not always. I love Stylecraft Cabaret DK, it has a sparkly ribbon bit running through it and it is so soft, although the cushion I made years ago went all fluffy with use. I started an autumn coloured jumper in the same yarn, but I will wait to finish the Christmas one I am knitting at the moment fits before carrying on with the autumn one (I did it in the same size and pattern, just different yarn).

I love the colour of natural yarn and natural dyes. There is a shop/ Youtube channel called Woolly Mammoth Fibres, she is also on Instagram if you are intersted. Anyway, this lovely lady natural dyes a range of yarns herself and is on my to buy list once I make a little room for a new stash!! The natural colours are perhaps more muted than the usual brights of acrylics, but they look amazing knitted up into Fair Isle jumpers and cardigans. You should definitely go have a look 🙂

I would like one day to make a jumper out of undid natural wool in greys, browns and creams, that would look wintery and snuggly and cosy, I think. And a pair of mittens from the same…with matching hat and cowl of course!

If only I had a flock of sheep I could spin, dye, weave and knit my own wool…that’s the dream! (Imagine if you dyed the sheep before you sheared them – that would be an awesomely coloured bright sparkly flock!!)


7 thoughts on “DAY #19 – Natural or Synthetic Fibres

  1. I tend to agree with you about 100% merino wool. In my experience, garments made with this fiber tend to pill terribly, especially if it’s a superwash. On the other hand, have you tried highland wool that is superwashed? It has all the best characteristics of natural wool without the stratchiness. Knitpicks sells this yarn.


  2. I can’t wear wool at all, even alpaca, so for myself, my sister and my friend, I use cotton. Sometimes with a little acrylic so it keeps its shape better. Bamboo is also good but tends to go even baggier than cotton. My favourite woolly yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep which is perfect for little ones.


    1. I haven’t used a lot of cotton, I think it’s because I haven’t found the right patterns for it. I always think it’s going to be too heavy and stiff but again maybe I haven’t found the right cotton yarn…you can’t go wrong with a bit of West Yorkshire Spinners! 🙂 x

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      1. It probably depends. For garments, you need cotton with some acrylic so it doesn’t drop/bag/sag. In the UK I can only find 100% cotton or 50% cotton, 50% acrylic, but there’s a Canadian (I think) company who do 75% cotton, 25% acrylic, which is just right for clothes for me anyway.

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