Day #14 – Making for Children


Day #14 – Making for Children

I have to say, I haven’t knitted or crocheted a lot for children in the past. 

But last year I made 2 baby blankets (and donated 2 more to charity), a baby jumper, a hat and a cardigan. 

knitted boy baby jumper
knitted baby jumper

I like doing baby blankets as they are quite small (or as big as you want really) and you can get some really nice yarn to make them out of. 

I have always liked the idea of knitting rompers and diaper covers and I have yet to knit a pair of bootees or mittens for babies. 

The blankets I just crocheted from my head, I think they were corner to corner blankets. I bought the pattern for the jumper (in picture above) from Etsy, it was OK, but some parts of the pattern could have been explained better. 

I HATE the way in some (adult or baby) patterns it just says ‘increase’ for sleeves – how? Should I use a right or left leaning increase and where should I put said increases? I had to work it out in the end and figure out sewing the top together, but I don’t think I’ll do that pattern again. Even though I quite like the finished outcome. 

The cardigan was from a knitting magazine. So was the hat. 

Baby knits are supposed to be quick…the cardigan took me almost a month!! :O

Thank goodness I don’t have any more lined up in the near future. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day #14 – Making for Children

  1. It may seem strange to think about, but the level of difficulty of a knitting pattern is often inverse to the amount of instruction given in it. In other words, a pattern rated for a beginner would explain exactly how and where to knit the increase stitches. A pattern rated for experienced knitter would not, assuming that she knows these things.
    Anyway, your jumper turns out great.


    1. Thanks, yes, I am still learning to adjust patterns to suit me, although it is nice to read a pattern and understand everything since it’s all written out clearly for me as opposed to trying to work it all out for myself and stressing!! 🙂 x


    1. Ah that’s useful! Thank you!
      I’m still figuring out that not all patterns have every single increase and decrease written out ready for me…even though I would say I am an intermediate knitter it still frustrates me!! 🙂 x

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