Day #8 New Crafts To Try This Year


New crafts to try this year

I feel like I tried a lot of new ones last year in 2020 – resin, mosaics, made a leather handbag, tried Lino cutting, got to grips with my sewing machine in earnest…

This year, I want to focus more on finishing UFO’s and WIP’s, and on improving my technique and learning new techniques for current skills (I am thinking knitting, crochet and sewing here).

I still have the materials for the Lino cutting and printing- I had a go last year and didn’t pick it up again after I cut my hand quite badly – doh!! So, maybe that’s one for the summer.

I also have a block of candle wax to turn into candles and a lot of shea butter and oils to make into salves and body butters etc. These are more about using up what’s left of my stash and making a bit more room for stuff.

As regards knitting and crochet here are a few goals for this year:


Double Knitting

Brioche Knitting

Improve on my colour work and Fair Isle knitting – there is a cowl and hat in the Shetland Wool Adventures journal that I would’nt mind having a go at

Do more varied versions of the granny square – I tend to stick to the plain one all the time

Knitting in the round– socks and mittens are a sort of goal for this year

And for sewing?

I did a collar facing last year and added zips- I used the zipper foot for the first time ever!!

I think the biggest issue is the measuring and cutting out of both patterns and fabric. And the finishing touches and just finishing in general. I am quite a fast sewer, but the edges always look wonky…so the actual technique of sewing needs a little work, rather than specific projects.

So, to recap, no new crafts this year until I finish my current projects and I am going to focus on improving the crafts I do at the moment. 🙂

Although, saying that, this pattern is in my stash…I love the first 2 (they remind me of Assassin’s Creed and Rey’s outfit from Star Wars) and I want to do A with the sleeves of C and no pockets like B…

sewing pattern

2 thoughts on “Day #8 New Crafts To Try This Year

    1. It looks like a big chunky rib stitch, I think you make it with a combination of knit, purl and slipped stitches – I’m not sure. Some of the two coloured patterns look really good, good for hats and scarves, that kind of thing 🙂 x


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