DAY #2 Favourite Yarn Brand


Favourite Yarn Brand

I have always loved James C. Brett, especially their Marble Chunky range – I have made so many things for both myself and other people from it. It knits up really well and fast and is chunky and warm.

I have used quite a few different yarns from both King Cole and Stylecraft. Usually the cheap acrylic ones – either 100% acrylic or a mix with either polyester or wool.

I tend to shy away from 100% wool as it can be a bit itchy and scratchy for me.

A brand I have only recently started to use is Hayfield. I like their aran yarn which I used for my Christmas stockings. It’s bright and soft.

So…I would say I don’t go for the expensive or luxury brands!!

The trouble I find with most brands, including the ones above, are that most of them are made in other countries like Turkey, and the fact that the material is acrylic and not the most eco-friendly. No-one has forced me to buy acrylic and I don’t want to sound like a yarn snob, I like the feel of acrylic yarns and the fact that they usually wear well, like they stand up well to a washing machine in my experience.

In the future I definitely want to use more British spun and dyed yarns and more natural fibres such as wool or alpaca. I have never tried a bamboo yarn before, so that is on my list.

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2 thoughts on “DAY #2 Favourite Yarn Brand

  1. With sticks and paws

    I’m Vegan and don’t use wool. So if you ever want suggestions/tips on plant-based yarns like bamboo let me know. I spin lots of different ones too.


    1. Ah, thank you1! Yes, I wouldn’t mind trying new yarns and materials, I have gotten so stuck with acrylic yarn for the past few years. Have you ever tried Hemp? That’s always been the dream…make something with Hemp!


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